Homeowners Insurance

For many people, their home is their largest asset. We'll work with you to customize a protective policy by focusing on your needs.
Whether you own or rent, our knowledgeable team can create a policy that insures your structure and all of your valuables inside.

Homeowners Insurance

When considering homeowners insurance, make sure you have enough insurance to cover major financial expenses and risks such as these:

  • Completely rebuild your house if it is destroyed by fire or other insured disaster
  • Replace all of your belongings in the house
  • Provides liability protection if someone is injured on your property or due to your negligence in any location

We'll help you with additional coverage too, depending on your unique risks:

  • Special coverage for jewelry, collectibles and expensive items
  • Sewer and drain back-ups
  • Umbrella liability coverage to provide increased limits and broader coverage than provided under your auto, home, tenants, or condo policy

Condo/Renters Insurance

Your association or landlord normally has coverage, but that doesn't mean you do too. Renters insurance covers your possessions in case of a covered loss for fire, smoke, lightning, vandalism, or theft. It also extends beyond the premises, covering property that is stolen from your car or lost or damaged anywhere you travel. Condo insurance covers your possessions and can also cover building items that you are responsible for insuring under your ownership documents. Some of these may include building additions, alteration, and loss assessment.