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COVID Business Interruption Policies & Claim Submission

Clients continue seeking guidance on submitting a Business Interruption (BI) claim when their business is impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.


As the Ohio Department of Insurance (ODI) has remained relatively silent on this, our recommendation is to submit a claim as it is the carriers’ responsibility to review accordingly. While we do not believe the intent is to provide coverage for loss of income due to Virus/Bacteria or Civil Authority as it may lack direct physical loss, we encourage clients to submit claims at their discretion.


First Insurance Group has submitted several COVID-19 related Business Interruption claims to carriers with responses ranging from Reservation of Rights (carrier reviews and requests more information) to denial of claims. Each carrier should review the claim submitted and analyze the specific coverages found for that policyholder.


Additionally, several states, including Ohio, have discussed legislation to require insurance companies to pay for Business Interruption/Income Loss claims, even though/if the loss is not covered under the policy. Ohio House Bill 589 includes language that would limit the requirement of insurance carriers to cover BI claims only for employers with 100 or less employees; however, that may change. We will continue to monitor any legislation or litigation changes that may come up as COVID-19 resolutions continue to change.


Please reach out to First Insurance Group with questions on COVID-19.


If you're interested in reading more on this coverage topic, please check out this article for more information. 

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