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Ohio Guidance & Considerations Regarding Face Coverings/Masks with Coronavirus

The state of Ohio is not requiring customers entering retail establishments wear face coverings. Wearing face coverings in public is still, however, strongly recommended.


Ohio Governor, Mike DeWine, advised that individual business owners could still choose to develop a business policy requiring face coverings for customers to enter their facilities.


Face coverings would still be mandated for employees unless wearing a face covering is not advisable by a healthcare professional, goes against industry best practices, or is not permitted by federal or state laws and regulations.


Lt. Governor Husted reemphasized that face coverings are required for employers and employees while on the job. Exceptions for employers and employees include when:


  • An employee in a particular position is prohibited by a law or regulation from wearing a face covering while on the job.


  • Wearing a face covering on the job is against documented industry best practices


  • Wearing a face covering is not advisable for health purposes


  • If wearing a face covering is a violation of a company’s safety policies


  • An employee is sitting alone in an enclosed workspace


  • There is a practical reason a face covering cannot be worn by an employee


If any other these exceptions apply to a business or employee, written justification must be provided upon request.

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