Community Support

We're passionate about serving our communities in a way that goes beyond just business. With us, it's personal. Our partnerships strengthen us all, proving we really are powered by people.

Our commitment goes beyond providing valuable products and services. We invest in our neighborhoods by donating time and resources to individuals and community organizations working toward better lives for everyone.

Helping Your Cause

If your community organization or cause needs funding or volunteer support, we're interested in hearing about your overall goals and how the resources will be put to use. Please fill out a donation request form through the link above and provide all of the relevant information. Follow us on Facebook to see how we are investing in your community. After all, that's what makes us powered by people.

The First Insurance Group Difference and Premier Bank

Special Community Projects

We lead projects that positively impact the fabric of our communities because we're invested in the people who enrich our lives as friends and neighbors. When we see our support truly make a difference in people's lives, it's the ultimate satisfaction. Whether it is paying it forward with random acts, completing housing projects for a community or providing educational resources to our schools, we truly are powered by people.

Community Development Sponsorships

We are fortunate to have helped and continue to support so many life-changing organizations throughout our footprint. Over the past 80 years, we have donated time and resources to thousands of community organizations and causes.

Our employees

Our employees truly care for customers and consider them friends and neighbors. First Insurance Group and Premier Bank are made up with some of the most passionate and generous employees who realize it takes more than donating monetary resources to make a difference - it takes people who want to really get involved. That is why we support our employees in volunteering during and after work and we recognize employees for their outstanding spirit in volunteerism.