Innovative Cost-Saving Programs

Employer Sponsored Clinics

Clinics offer primary care services supporting a culture of health, guiding the health care continuum, leveraging the power of communities, integrating data and activating patients so employers have the ability to take charge of health care costs in a changing world.

Captive Stop-Loss Arrangements

A Stop-Loss Captive allows mid-sized employers to self-fund by spreading the risk of stop loss increases across a pool of like-minded employers. Underwriting profits are returned to all member employers on a pro-rata basis in the form of an annual dividend.

Reference Based Reimbursement (RBR)

Offers self-funded benefit plans a defined benefit structure based on Medicare pricing plus a reasonable profit margin. The RBR pricing model is fair, consistent, transparent, defensible and reasonable. RBR is a solution that is growing across the country and an economical alternative to the traditional PPO plan model.

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