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Established in 1921, James & Sons Insurance is a local, independent agency.

We'll search well-regarded and financially sound regional and national insurance companies offering the coverage you need at the most competitive rates available.

James & Sons specializes in:

  • Homeowners Insurance
  • Auto Insurance
  • Business Insurance
  • Health Insurance

Our Goal

To help you protect yourself, your family, your business and your property by advising you about the insurance products best suited to your needs - and then design a comprehensive insurance program tailored to your specific requirements.

Message to our Customers

We're excited to support our Home Savings Bank affiliates through the evolution to their new name, Premier Bank. By combining two great community banks with shared values, the deep commitment to delivering smart financial solutions will bring lasting value to the clients and communities we proudly serve. Moving forward, James & Sons Insurance will continue to operate under the same name you've grown to know. We look forward to being your trusted advisor and continuing to provide exceptional customer service from familiar faces now and in years to come.

Info at a Glance

Report A Claim & 24-Hour Contact Information

We're here to help you weekdays, but emergencies don't have regular office hours! To report a claim, contact the provider that issues your coverage listed below. 


Auto Owners Insurance

1-888-252-4626  |  Auto-Owners.com


Chubb Group

1-800-252-4670  |  Chubb.com


Donegal Insurance Group

(All Claims) 1-800-877-9006  |  DonegalGroup.com

(Glass Claims Only) 1-866-439-4527  |  DonegalGroup.com


ForeMost Insurance Group 

1-800-527-3907  |  Foremost.com


Hanover Fire & Casualty Insurance Company 

1-800-919-3473  |  HanoverFire.com 


Liberty Mutual Insurance 

(All Claims) 1-844-339-4413  |  LibertyMutual.com

(Roadside Assistance)  1-800426-9898  |  LibertyMutual.com 


Motorists Mutual

1-800-876-8766  |  MotoristsInsuranceGroup.com 


Ohio FAIR Plan Underwriting Association

1-800-282-1772  |  OhioFairPlan.com



1-800-776-4737  |  Progressive.com 


Safeco Insurance 

(All Claims) 1-800-332-3226  |  Safeco.com

(Roadside Assistance) 1-877-762-3101  |  Safeco.com 


State Auto 

(All Claims) 1-877-722-5246  |  StateAuto.com

(Glass Claims Only) 1-888-504-4527  |  StateAuto.com 



(All Claims) 1-800-Claim33  |  Travelers.com

(Glass Claims Only) 1-800-972-3541  |  Travelers.com


Tuscarora Wayne Insurance Company 

570-743-1515  |  twmic.com


West Bend

1-877-922-5246  |  TheSilverLining.com


Western Reserve Group

1-800-362-0426  |  wrg-ins.com


Westfield Insurance

1-800-243-0210  |  WestfieldInsurance.com

What To Do If You Have A Claim - FAQs
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Thank you for choosing James & Sons Insurance. We appreciate your business. Pay your current bill to the provider who issues your coverage by visiting their website or calling their number listed below. 

If you have any questions or problems paying your bill, give us a call at 330-788-5051. We're happy to help. 


Auto Owners Insurance

1-800-288-8740  |  Auto-Owners.com


Chubb Group

(16 Digit Billing A/C Numbers) 1-800-682-4822  |  Chubb.com

(9 Digit Billing A/C Numbers) 1-800-444-6161  |  Chubb.com

Donegal Insurance Group

1-800-877-0600  |  DonegalGroup.com


ForeMost Insurance Group 

(Auto Only) 1-888-888-0800  |  Foremost.com

(All Other Products) 1-800-532-4221  |  Foremost.com


Hanover Fire & Casualty Insurance Company 

1-800-919-3473  |  HanoverFire.com 


Liberty Mutual Insurance 

1-800-824-7317  |  LibertyMutual.com


Motorists Mutual

1-800-611-9928 |  MotoristsInsuranceGroup.com 


Ohio FAIR Plan Underwriting Association

1-800-282-1772  |  OhioFairPlan.com



1-800-876-5581  |  Progressive.com 


Safeco Insurance 

1-888-723-3260  |  Safeco.com


State Auto 

1-800-766-1853 |  StateAuto.com



1-800-842-5075  |  Travelers.com


Tuscarora Wayne Insurance Company 

1-888-544-5642  |  twmic.com


West Bend

1-800-236-5002  |  TheSilverLining.com


Western Reserve Group

1-800-362-0426  |  wrg-ins.com


Westfield Insurance

1-800-552-9134  |  WestfieldInsurance.com


Tom Costello (P&C Practice Leader  |  Executive Vice President) 

Tom has been in the insurance industry for 40 years and is incredibly involved in the community. He serves on several non-profit boards and is honored to currently be a Boardman Township Trustee. He has two grown children and three grandchildren that are the apples of his eye. His son, Adam, also works in the agency. Tom has been with James & Sons for over 30 years, something that he is very proud of. 


Stephenie Maroni (NE OH Service Director |  Vice President - CIC) 

Stephenie has been with James & Sons since 1994. A garduate of Youngstown State University, she earned her CIC designation in 2014. Over the years, she's been busy raising three children and performing many different roles for James & Sons. She takes great pride in her three children, Justin, Matthew and Emily. She's also a board member for the Hope House Visitation Center.


Adam Costello (Agent  |  Vice President - CIC, HIA) 

Adam has been in the insurance industry for over a decade and loves his job. Prior to joining the insurance industry, Adam was certified flight instructor and professional pilot. Adam is past president of Youngstown Lions and remains very involved with this group. Adam and his wife Danielle have a newborn daughter, Brielle, and a dog named Teddy. In his free time, he loves to travel and spend time with family and friends. 


Marty Eich (Agent  |  Vice President) 

Marty was a 3rd generation owner and president of Eich Bros. Insurance Agency for 22 years. In February of 2017, Marty merged his company with James & Sons. He has lived in Poland his entire life, where he met his wife during high school. He is very proud of his three children, Jennifer, Julia and Jason. He enjoys attending the kids' sporting event, going to classic car shows and working in his garage. 


Doug Nasci (Agent  | Vice President) 

Doug grew up number 8 of 9 children in the Youngstown area where he still resides today. He attended Youngstown State University. He has been with James & Sons 25 years and specializes in business, personal and large group health plans. He is VP of Mahoning County Independent Agents and serves on the board for Primary Health Network, and Friends of Liberty Wrestling. Doug is a family man with a devotion to both his daughter and community. He is active within the Trumbull County 4-H program where he is an advisor for Trumbull County Equestrians.


Alan Steinhauser (Agent  |  Vice President)

Born in Youngstown, Ohio Alan is a third generation owner and president of Steinhauser Agency which merged with James & Sons in July, 2018. He graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in insurance and has 40 years experience in the industry (primarily Commercial Lines). Outside of insurance, Alan is a professional tennis official for the ATP Tour, WTA and USTA, where he has worked as an official for the last 23 US Opens. Alan is a past Trustee of the Mahoning County Independent Agents, past president of the Northeastern Ohio Tennis Association and Treasurer of Applewood Swim Club. He and his wife Pamela, who is a tennis coach, live in Boardman with their two dogs Onyx and Chole. Their daughter Brandy graduated from Boardman and now lives in Cleveland. 


Lynn Chismar (Personal Lines Account Manager) 

Lynn has over 20 years in the insurance industry. She is a licensed Property & Casualty Insurance Agent, working with personal lines clients. Lynn has been married to her husband for 25 years and enjoys gardening, reading and spending time with friends and family. 


Linda Clacko (Personal Lines Account Manager) 

Linda has over 20 years in the insurance industry. She is a licensed Property & Casualty Agent, servicing personal lines clients. she has one daughter, Samantha, who is married with a little boy. Linda enjoys spending time with her grandson and family. 


Janette Cole (Personal Lines Account Manager) 

Janette has been a licensed agent for 21 years and was with Steinhauser Agency from 2001 until joining James & Sons in 2018. She was born in Pittsburgh and moved to Ohio in the 4th grade. She graduated from the Mahoning County Joint Vocational School in 1977. She enjoys reading as well as baking and decorating cakes. Family is incredibly important to Janette. She lives with her two adult daughters and is helping raise her two grandsons. As a family, they enjoy movie and game nights. 


Dana Lesniak (Personal Lines Account Manager) 

Dana has been with James & Sons since 2014, starting as the receptionist and becoming a licensed Property & Casualty agent in the Personal Lines Department. She previously worked in the banking industry for 10 years and enjoys personal interaction with clients. She likes spending time with family and friends, attending concerts, working on renovation projects and cheering for the Pittsburgh Steelers and Penguins. 


Jody DePaul (Claims & Bonds Account Manager) 

Jody begain in the insurance industry in 2013 as a receptionist with Eich Bros. Insurance. Since then, she became a Licensed Property & Casualty Agent. She has been a member of the James & Sons family since 2017 and is working as the Claims and Bonds Manager. 


Michelle Daniels (Commercial Lines Account Manager) 

Michelle started her insurance career in 1982 and took time off from 2005-2013 to try something different but came back to insurance. She's a licensed Property & Casualty Agent, servicing commercial clients. Outside of James & Sons, Michelle is a trustee for union counselors, which is a volunteer organization that holds fundraisers and constructs wheelchair ramps during the year. Michelle has one daughter and two grandsons. 


Jennifer Tallman (Commercial Lines Account Manager) 

Jennifer has been in insurance since 2000 and with James & Sons since 2012. She has been married to her husband, Daryn, for 10 years and they have three young daughters. they also have three dogs (one a rescue, one retired k9 and one active k9). Jennifer enjoys helping out at her daughters' school, sporting events and spending time with her family. 


Kris States (Administrative Assistant) 

Kris loves spending time with family, friends and being an aunt. Kris was born and raised in Youngstown/Austintown area. She is the oldest of three children and loves to spoil her nieces and nephew. Kris enjoys antiques, classic cars, reading and all types of music. She has worked in the insurance industry since 2013. 

5 Things Your Small Business Needs to Know About Cyber Crime

As a conscientious small business owner, you’ve hired people who go the extra mile to satisfy customer needs. Internally, you’ve built a group of genuine team players ready to assist fellow employees at a moment’s notice. It’s a recipe for success that would make any corporate leader proud.

In today’s world of inter-connectivity, however, such unbridled eagerness to serve can come with a hefty price tag.

Cyber-criminals recognize that a business’s “do-anything-to-please” culture can make it an easy mark for increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks, explains Stephenie Maroni, vice president of operations at James & Sons Insurance.

“By nature we want to please, especially in customer service industries,” Maroni says. “Cyber criminals use this to their advantage. A lot of these schemes use social engineering to manipulate people and get to your business.”

The good news: There are ways to fight back. Here are five points to remember about cyber-crimes, how to prevent them, and what you can do to save your business from catastrophic losses.

No business is too small for a cyber attack

While data breaches at major companies grab headlines, a recent study found that 43% of cyber-attacks target small businesses. Maroni warns that scammers thrive by focusing on “low-hanging fruit,” vulnerable businesses that have failed to put protections in place.

“All businesses are a target,” Maroni says. “We hear about the big ones in the media, but smaller cyber-crimes happen multiple times every day. If you think, ‘They’re not going after me, I don’t have that much to offer’, don’t fool yourself.”

Cyber-criminals exploit online information for profit

Maroni says fraudsters take extraordinary measures to deceive by researching the company and employees through websites and social media, crafting a legitimate-looking email, and sending it to targeted staffers who can execute their scheme. In one nightmarish lapse, an employee received what appeared to be a valid email from a business owner requesting all employee W2s. In minutes, the recipient had sent the file to a cyber-criminal’s inbox.

Another popular scam entails a cyber-criminal posing as a company owner who is on vacation—information that might be gleaned from ill-advised Facebook postings. The email asks the employee to immediately wire money to handle an emergency.

Cyber extortion remains a threat

Cyber extortion, which has seen alarming growth in recent years, continues to plague businesses, Maroni says. In one approach, an employee receives an urgent email from a company principal. A careless click on an attachment downloads ransomware that encrypts company data. The perpetrators offer a deal: They will unlock the data in exchange for an amount paid in crypto-currency, such as Bitcoin. Failure to pay will result in the scammers releasing the sensitive information to the public and keeping the data inaccessible to the business.

Another mode of attack, known as DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service), involves sending an attachment which shuts down a company’s website. Once again, the cyber-criminals demand a specific payment to return the site to business as usual. Even when a company refuses to pay, the cost in downtime and disaster recovery can run into millions of dollars.

Start by training the gatekeepers

Human error remains the top reason why ransomware, DDOS, and other malware such as keystroke trackers continue to infect businesses, according to Maroni. Research has shown that 96% of ransomware attacks are sent through emails.

“Educating your employees is probably the most effective and least expensive thing you can do to prevent cyber-crime,” Maroni says.

Continually reminding employees not to click on suspicious attachments is critical, Maroni continues. Some companies deploy software that sends test emails company wide to gauge employee awareness. The program records who clicked on the fake email attachment, enabling the company to provide further education to the most susceptible employees. Other best practices include:

Verifying email requests for information or money transfers by calling the parties who supposedly sent the emails

Creating complex passwords

Keeping passwords out of sight rather than leaving them on sticky notes at work stations

Cyber insurance equals peace of mind

Maroni notes that many business owners wrongly assume their general liability and property coverage protects them against cyber-crime. In fact, cyber liability insurance must be purchased as a separate policy—a wise addition considering a single breach costing hundreds of thousands of dollars can cripple a small business.

Take, for example, the company that inadvertently forwarded employee W2s to a cyber-criminal. The owner was fortunate to have cyber insurance coverage, Maroni explains. Even though the breach happened over a holiday weekend, on-call experts sprang into action on short notice. Among other tasks, they notified the compromised employees and mitigated damage by reaching tax authorities who could freeze accounts.

Today, most insurance providers offer some type of cyber insurance policy, from ones covering basic minimum limits of liability to complex plans that pay for more lucrative post-breach expenses. These may include the cost of notifying breach victims, investigating the source of the infiltration, monitoring credit, beefing up data security, managing public relations, paying legal fees, and settling third-party lawsuits.

Some policies also include breach coaching and assistance with preparing an Incident Response Plan (IRP). An IRP documents what procedures will need to be followed and what data and cyber security professionals should be contacted in the aftermath of a cyber-crime.

Maroni emphasizes that small businesses need to assess what data they have, determine if it’s being properly protected, and decide how much they can afford to spend to bring in professional help.

“Consult with experts and put together a plan,” Maroni says. “Most insurance policies have the resources available so you can get in touch with experts who will walk you through the steps of what you need to do in case of a breach.”

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“James & Sons has provided insurance coverage to the Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corporation since it began. The company has provided excellent customer service and guided us on our insurance coverage needs as the organization has grown and evolved to include many lines of business. Their team are great communicators, responsive, and knowledgeable professionals. Their expertise has allowed us to reduce risk and they exemplify everything we look for in an insurance provider. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.”

~ Ian Beniston, Executive Director, Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corporation


“Meridian HealthCare is an integrated behavioral and primary healthcare organization that offers many diversified services and programs. A few years ago, we decided to look locally for our insurance needs and James & Sons really stood out in this process. Right from the beginning, they took the time to get to know us and the services we offer, giving us the comfort to know that we are covered properly. They’ve always been very responsive to our needs and continue to be a great partner. I would recommend James & Sons for your insurance needs.”

~ Meridian HealthCare


“James & Sons Insurance has serviced our bonding and insurance needs since the establishment of our company over 40 years ago. Everyone on their staff is professional, dependable and has always had our best interest in mind.”

~ Rick Vernal, RT Paving and Excavating, Inc.


Giving back to our community is part of what we’ve been doing for 2 generations! We believe in supporting our local nonprofit organizations that make other people’s lives better. Each year we participate in Youngstown CityScape, a non-profit community development organization dedicated to the revitalization of the greater downtown Youngstown area. Also, United Way of Youngstown and the Mahoning Valley has an annual “Day of Caring” and we like to volunteer and help our community on that day.

Each member of our staff volunteers within the community, from church and local 4-H programs to Youngstown Lions and more! Many of our team members volunteer on local boards... including the Hope House Visitation Center, Better Business Bureau, Mill Creek Park Foundation, The National Alumni Board of Marquette University, Primary Health Network, Friends of Liberty Wrestling and Steel Valley Homes For Youth. We also have opportunities for you to be involved and help out local charities as well... like our fall food and clothing drive.

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