Our Process

You work hard to be successful. A successful business owner. Successful leader. Successful parent, coworker or significant other. And while striving for this happiness, life can administer confusing twists, turns and unknowns. Insurance shouldn’t be one of them. That’s why our process was cultivated to reflect what’s important to you.

The First Insurance Group process was founded with a singular mission and lofty objective: turn a complicated review into a transparent conversation.

We do this through three simple steps:

 1) Listen:

Tell us about you. What keeps you up at night? Where do you see yourself now and in five years? What is worth most protection in your eyes? Before we can talk insurance, learning about what makes you tick allows us to provide the best options and customer service. Ultimately, your goals become our goals.

2) Educate:

It’s easy to get confused with what kind and how much risk to take. Leave that part to us. After learning more about you, we build a custom plan based on your varying wants and needs, then communicate what products and services best fit your lifestyle.

3) Repeat:

Deciding on a customized insurance plan is just the foundation. Ongoing education, insights and communication become the regular in an ever-changing industry. By continually listening and educating on our end, your goals, wants, and needs can always remain in the forefront.

With this process in place, you gain peace of mind and can focus on your pursuit of happiness. 

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